A South Korean presidential committee has called for Bitcoin to be listed on the nation’s main bourse.

The Korean-language blockchain news outlet The Block Post reported Friday that the Presidential Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution has advised authorities to consider directly listing Bitcoin (BTC) on the Korea Stock Exchange and launching Bitcoin derivatives.

The committee made the suggestion in a separately published policy appendix to a policy advisory released in late October. In the appendix, the committee called for pan-governmental efforts to react quickly to the new financial order of the digital finance era.

Citing the examples of U.S. and Swiss financial authorities, the panel said officials should consider medium- and long-term plans to bring crypto asset-related products into the mainstream, along with granting business licenses or adopting guidelines for crypto asset exchanges.

The committee also advised that financial institutions should be allowed to handle crypto assets and called for the domestic development of custody technology. The latter would free local banks and security companies handling crypto assets from dependence on overseas custody solutions.

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