A reporter recently got a hands-on experience with ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based certification service Broof.

And he survived to write the tale.

As the Iconist has reported, Broof’s user base has been expanding with several training programs adopting the service to issue forgery-proof certificates of completion.

The reporter, Huh Joon of the Korean-language blockchain news site The Block Post, attended the three-month Postech Blockchain CEO Course.

At the graduation ceremony on Dec. 4, he received a certificate issued by Broof.

You don’t have to register to Broof to receive a certificate. Huh received his certificate via a link sent through the popular KakaoTalk messenger. Just click the link, and voila, there’s the certificate of completion.

Easy peasy.

Just as easy — and peasy, presumably — was issuing a certificate. Just click the issue button after registering at the Broof homepage. You’ll have to enter the name of the issuing institution and the name of the certificate and register the name and email of the recipient.

Several certificate formats are available — just choose the one you want, hit the issue button and out comes a certificate.

To protect personal information, users have the ability to show their certificate only to people they want to show it to. Moreover, ICONLOOP has opened its API to partner institutions and companies so that they can use Broof however they like without having to issue certificates through the Broof homepage.

ICONLOOP plans eventually to open the API to everyone.

In addition to certificates for graduation, passing or completion, you can also issue certificates of participation in events such as conferences.

ICONLOOP is currently preparing an update of Broof for release in January or February.

The service’s interface — currently optimized for Broof’s partner companies — will get a complete facelift to make it easier for individuals to use. Private information protection will be bolstered, too.