You may remember weBloc’s previous partnership announcement with entertainment DApp STAYGE to promote Korean culture. The Korea-based advertising platform and ICON DApp is now looking to help the online ticketing world. 

According to a Coincat Media article, P-Rep candidate weBloc announced a strategic partnership with Korean social commerce company Time Ticket.

Time Ticket is an online platform that offers last-minute musical or theater tickets at discounted prices. Its platform ranked first in the performance/play/musical area of the application market and has 300,000+ customers.

This partnership aims to increase the credibility and transparency of Time Ticket’s services by recording its sales transactions on the ICON Tracker, which will be supported by weBloc. 

Kim Sung-woo, CEO of Time Ticket, said, “We thought that we could expand our target audience if we could provide consumers with transparency through the blockchain, but we were worried about the burden of hiring additional developers inside.” He continued, “We are happy to join the blockchain ecosystem through this agreement. ” 

Hong Jun, CEO of weBloc, added, “It is a great pleasure to enhance the reliability of Time Ticket’s services with our blockchain technology. In the long run, we plan on using weBloc’s WOK tokens as the key cryptocurrency for Time Ticket.”