Advertising platform weBloc recently announced a new partnership with entertainment DApp STAYGE. Both well known within the ICON Republic, the two South Korean based projects are looking to work together to expand beyond their current industries.  

STAYGE recently launched the beta version of its fandom community service, and has already supported weBloc in the release of its own Android application dubbed ‘IdolToday’, a blockchain-based voting service for ranking K-Pop stars. weBloc will be helping STAYGE tokenize fandoms with their advertising expertise. In return, weBloc will benefit from attracting STAYGE users from the entertainment industry onto their advertising platform. 

Interestingly, both projects are running for P-Rep elections, but separately. STAYGE is joining Deblock, a venture capital firm and blockchain accelerator, as a unified P-Rep candidate to strengthen the ICON network through community building and technical operation. weBloc, on the other hand, is hoping to expand the ICON ecosystem by building a decentralized digital advertising ecosystem.

weBloc CEO Joon Hong says, It is a great pleasure to have an MOU for strategic partnership with STAYGE who has expertise in the entertainment business. With the MOU, weBloc will open up an efficient and effective blockchain-based advertising ecosystem where target users can be exposed to advertisements and get rewards from their contribution.” 

“It is such a great pleasure to cooperate with weBloc, the only Korean company building a blockchain-based advertising ecosystem. I expect that the two companies will create a synergy effect with their expertise,” added STAYGE CEO Michael Baeg.