In the second half of our interview with Josh Choi, ICONLOOP’s Director of Public Affairs, we dive deeper into Josh’s recent travels, differences in blockchain perspectives between the developing and developed worlds and ICONLOOP’s involvement in Africa. For discussions on the P-Rep elections and ICON vs ICONLOOP, you can watch the first half of our interview.

When discussing his recent travels, Josh explained that the developed world primarily focused on the topic of ‘decentralization versus centralization’, whereas in the developing world, “blockchain is seen as a new way to transform their society, economy and situation.”

Speaking on the opportunities in developing countries, Josh talked about the benefits of ICONLOOP’s partnership with the ITU, a UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies. 

“If you look at developing countries, a lot of business innovations are very much driven by the central government,” he said. “So it is very important to build a really good relationship with the government, which is something that this kind of UN organization can support.” 

Watch the full interview below.