The results are out! A few weeks ago ICON announced the launch of its ICONSENSUS Campaign Ambassador Program, for which they’re recruiting 10 dedicated members of the ICON community to help promote the upcoming P-Rep elections through creative content. After careful review of the applications, ICON has now released the names of the selected ambassadors!

Congratulations to the chosen candidates! Here’s the full list below:

  • David S.
  • Daniel N.
  • Russell S.
  • Corey C.
  • Pedro S.
  • Easy B.
  • Andrei N.
  • Cornelia J.
  • Martin D.
  • Cai K.

ICON hopes to collaborate successfully with members of the community to achieve their shared vision of hyperconnecting the world. “It’s all about ICONists coming to consensus together,” they wrote in their Medium post.