In this week’s P-Rep Profile, we take a look at candidate Chainode Capital, a Switzerland-based team that you may recognize for their ICON DApps / tools portal ICON Ecosystem.

1. Tell us about your team.

We are a young, extremely motivated and experienced team, based in Zug, Switzerland with both technical and business / marketing backgrounds. Ilinca Alexiuc is an experienced Business Growth Manager in both B2B and B2C markets who entered the blockchain space in early 2017 and shifted her career path towards business growth in the blockchain and cybersecurity space, with a focus on the Asian market. Ionut Scirlet is a Software Solution Architect and has been working in the IT field since the beginning of his career. He has experience working as a Software Developer and Architect for many big companies in Romania, Germany and Switzerland including: Microsoft, cbs Corporate Business Solutions, tesa SE, SMA Solar Technology and Swiss Post. Currently, he is actively working on integration topics, API management and blockchain in both categories, open, permissionless and in enterprise context, where other challenges appear. 

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-Rep?

We are both very motivated to add substantial contribution to the decentralized blockchain space and we think that adding extra value for the community is the way to go. We are proud to contribute with portals, tools, content, information, meetups and hope this will help increase the already strong ICON community, while also offering better visibility of the ICON Ecosystem to the blockchain world. As you will probably notice in our application, we came with a clear plan and strategy from the beginning and we didn’t promote general promises. Being in this ecosystem since 2014, we think one of the core components lacking in the open blockchain space is the act of CREATION. We want to deliver first and then spread the message about our work.  

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

Even before pre-voting began, we already delivered some important things that we initially stated in our proposal. We have been active on multiple levels: we created the ICON Ecosystem — the entry point into the ICON Network for both new users and experienced developers. We also created the #ICONweekly campaign, which brings weekly updates from the ICON Ecosystem so that everyone has a comprehensive summary of all the events that happened within the ICON Network. Besides running a node on Testnet since the beginning of phase 1, we were pro-active in the blockchain validator architecture as well as supporting other P-Reps with node related issues and were in discussions with the ICON team regarding certain architectural design topics. Future contributions we have planned include:

  • Continuously add content, tools, DApps, ICOs/IEOs on ICON Ecosystem portal and continue to develop it/ add new features;
  • #ICONweekly campaign;
  • Create and share relevant content on the ICON Ecosystem social media channels: Twitter, Telegram and Medium.
  • Create useful tools for the ICONists;
  • Organize meetups with focus on ICON;
  • Actively secure and improve the ICON Network;
  • Actively participate in governance topics;
  • Support innovative ideas, use cases, DApp and tool development;
  • Partner with other P-Reps to launch community-driven events or support different initiatives like exchange listings or hardware wallet integration.

Regarding our funds, we are going to be transparent about the way we use them and make sure the ICON Ecosystem will benefit from having us as one of the 22 elected P-Reps. 

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

There are multiple reasons why we think ICON is a great project, but we will focus on 3 main points:

1.Delegated Proof of Contribution (DPoC): this is something fairly new to the blockchain ecosystem. At this early stage of decentralization, it is important to do our best and test in as many ways as possible different decentralization strategies in order to better understand human behavior in a direct contact with raw technology, something that we will have to face in the near future more and more often.

2.Community: an infrastructure blockchain project is nothing without community and adoption. We were amazed by the community involvement on ICON, even from day 1 of starting the ICON Ecosystem platform and social channels: in not even 1 month we had almost 1 million tweet impressions. Having such an engaged community is something that other similar projects really strive for as it is not easy to achieve, to say the least.

3.Real world applicability: ICON is not shy to get involved in real-world scenarios, and has already started discussing the implementation of its architecture with corporations and even government bodies inside and outside of South Korea. We are really optimistic that slowly but surely ICON will be an indispensable player in the blockchain space. 

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important?

We are very happy to see this question being asked as we think decentralization represents the core of every blockchain platform. Those who have seen the evolution of other DPoS based networks know that governance can get tricky as some nodes share a lot of rewards back with the community as an incentive to get voted, without contributing much to the ecosystem or even worse, end up forming cartels. We think that it is very important to see a good balance of P-Reps that really contribute to the ICON ecosystem and use the rewards towards growing and improving the space. We want to make a call towards all ICONists, that education and voting good P-Reps that act in the interest of ICON Network is crucial. Rewards should come second as having a collection of tokens which constantly lose in value is in nobody’s interest. ICONists need to understand that they are all members of a big family and every decision that they make will influence the whole well being of this family. We strongly suggest to delegate across multiple valuable P-Reps in order to reduce the centralization of power within the ICON Network. 

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