Last Friday, ICON published the last of its three key announcements, in which JH Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP and ICON council member, went in-depth on the open source release schedule. The video is in Korean but with English subtitles.

As one of the few companies running both private and public blockchains, Kim shares his thoughts on the criticism facing ICON regarding lack of open sources on Github, explaining that it was difficult to open its private blockchain publicly at the time and that they wanted to ensure the release of proven open sources.

The team had to go through several trials and errors to distinguish asset from open source.

Now that these matters have been settled internally, Kim says enterprises can keep copyright to run projects while ICON is able to release the open source. Doing so will not only allow the project to be more public, but also enable more transparency and less speculation.

With the subsequent open source release of various elements (wallet, T-BEARS, Python SDK, etc) over a 2-month period, ICON is facilitating development and participation on the network.

Kim provides additional insights into ICON’s partnerships with LINE and Samsung, as well as more information on the newest release of the Dev Portal and the growing developer team at ICON.