In part two of our ICON team interviews, The Iconist had a chance to chat with a few prominent ICON team members on the subject of decentralization. ICON Foundation council member Min Kim was there with ICONLOOP Director Henry Lee. We also sat down with ICON’s Head of Institutional Markets Ricky Dodds and ICX_Station San Francisco’s Manager, Scott Smiley, both of whom were previously featured in our first interview video. The team gave us some insights into ICON’s decentralization plans and what’s coming ahead.

On ICON’s goal of hyperconnecting the world, Henry said, “ICON aims to develop and distribute new technologies, new protocols, where we can facilitate these connections between different communities and networks.”

Min explained that ICON still has a lot of work to do, citing the P-Rep campaign as their main focus, the completion of which would fulfill many things promised in the White Paper. Speaking on future plans, he added that ICON will addinteroperability features into our network, but the next step would be to expand that and connect different blockchain and communities into the ICON network.”

View the entire video interview here: