ICON now runs a “bug bounty” program, partnering with leading bug bounty platform HackerOne to quickly root out and patch potential vulnerabilities in the ICON Project. 

Describing itself as “the most trusted hacker-powered security platform,” HackerOne uses third parties – such as security researchers and white-hat hackers – to discover and disclose vulnerabilities to client companies. HackerOne has worked with some of the world’s largest firms and organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. General Service Administration, General Motors, Google, Twitter, GitHub, Nintendo, Lufthansa, Panasonic Avionics, Qualcomm, Starbucks, Dropbox, Intel and the CERT Coordination Center.

It’s never a bad idea to put your software through the wringer, especially in light of previous (albeit minor) issues. Felix Kuster at Captainaltcoin seems to agree, writing, “This is always great – stress test the code and make sure it is resistant to malicious hackers. And at Reddit, Patryllo25 opined: 

“Very important part for Icon, to check everything before they hit a public use network, it’s nothing special to see that they use program like this for check security level but is nice to see anyway.” 

You could read the Twitter discussion about this, too, though much of its has little to do with HackerOne agreement. 

The Last Two Weeks in the ICON Republic

Felix Kuster at Captainaltcoin has some good things to say about ICON’s recent moves to improve communication and messaging.

A fun article to read, and also quotes Matt Spoke, founder of Aion, in which Anthony Di Iorio – i.e., the Canadian crypto king who is livin’ large – invested.

You can now trade ICX on BITBOX, the Line Corporation’s digital asset exchange. You’ll recall that Line is ICON’s partner in the joint venture Unchain.

We’ve discussed ICON’s involvement/non-involvement in the Korean government’s blockchain-based online voting program here at The Iconist. ICONLOOP has also received the government’s “Minister of Science and ICT Award” for its contributions to Korea’s blockchain industry.

Aion Network has joined 11 other reputable projects in disclosing basic information to Messari, an “open-source cryptocurrency-focused version of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database.”

Binance Info named Wanchain to its initial list of 30 “Gold Label” crypto projects.

ICON has made a strategic investment in the DApp MECA Casino, which plans to open the “largest decentralized casino solution” by Q4 of 2019.

ICONLOOP will be the sole operator of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s “Seoul blockchain-based ISP Project.” From the Medium announcement: “This blockchain-based project aims to use automation to increase the convenience of the online qualification process, which is necessary to select recipients for public service and welfare. Also, it hopes to improve the working environment for part-time workers through immutable labor contracts, streamlined insurance, and better oversight of potential mistreatment.”

Sports betting DApp ZenSports has launched a token sale. We interviewed the project’s CEO, Mark Thomas, here at The Iconist not so long ago.

Matt Spoke, Aion founder, spoke with BlockchainBrad.

Aion has completed its token swap, converting over 94% of its ERC-20 tokens.

At Smartereum, Andreas Kaplan tells us why you might want to take a chance on Wanchain, pointing to its goal of interoperability and other ambitious aims.