Why look at online ads for free when you can get paid to look at them?

Decentralized advertising company weBloc has released a new version of its app PAYWOK, a blockchain-powered reward service that compensates users for looking at ads.

PAYWOK lets you choose from a range of participating ads in a variety of categories.

To earn rewards, you must complete certain “missions” such as clicking thru, installing a function or signing up for a service.

Rewards are paid in weBloc’s token WOK.

You can use the WOK tokens earned through the app to purchase gifts such as coffee, fried chicken and department store gift certificates.

At this stage, you cannot import WOK tokens earned elsewhere into the app in order to buy gifts, though that function may come later if users demand it.

You can download your copy of PAYWOK from the Google Play Store. Versions for iOS and web to come.

The weBloc team is planning to launch various events encouraging users to participate in – eventually more users can get benefits and rewards,” says Steve Cho, Director of weBloc. “As a blockchain project, weBloc also believes in the power of community. weBloc supporters on Kakao and Telegram would play more important roles to boost traffics on PAYWOK. weBloc is also preparing events for users outside South Korea and using iOS on top of the WOK Staving service at VELIC.io. Please stay tuned for the further actions from weBloc.