If you’re reading from South Korea, Happy Children’s Day. And happy last day of your six-day holiday.

With that out of the way, the ICON Foundation has announced a new pilot program “to further incentivize P-Reps and reward contributions to the network” by using some of ICX treasury to delegate to teams it believes are “contributing to the network in areas such as development, marketing, and community building.”

According to the Foundation, the program aims to 1) expand and accelerate the growth of the ICON ecosystem and 2) provide opportunities for teams high on talent but short on promotional and self-marketing experience to get some delegation from the foundation.

Under the program, the ICON Foundation will delegate a maximum of 2 million votes to each participating team. The delegation team will last a minimum of one month, with applications for the program due on the first of every month (with the exception of this May, see below). Delegations will occur within a week of the application following a review of applications.

Teams are encouraged to reapply for consideration. The Foundation will also extend delegations to strong performers.

The ICON Foundation announced:

During each application round, all submissions will be measured against the entire application pool and primarily based on contributions to the ecosystem thus far. Note, all of the voting rewards received by the ICON Foundation as part of this program will be sent to the Contribution Proposal Fund (CPF) which will be managed by P-Reps.”

For the May program, applications will be due by May 6th, which is either tomorrow or the day after, depending on where you are.

To apply, just fill out the simple Google docs form here.