Node deployment just got a whole lot easier thanks to Oak Node and ICX Station’s new partnership

The goal? Give developers and P-Reps’ more time to grow the ICON ecosystem. All P-Reps need to do is set up their infrastructure in just 3 clicks, and Oak Node will take care of the rest. This includes configuring, deploying and monitoring infra, thereby allowing P-Reps to focus on building new ideas and expanding the ecosystem. What’s better is that P-Reps won’t be charged a percentage fee of their block rewards.

“We don’t charge P-Reps any % on the block rewards they earn. We want to support P-Rep in their success, not tax them on it,” states their Medium announcement.

With Oak Node, P-Reps can quickly onboard to a high-end, secure infra with a system built for near zero-level downtime. To ensure complete security, additional sentry nodes have also been put in place to monitor around the validator nodes. 

Oak Node also supports transparency by allowing P-Reps to share their uptime, block production rate or transaction throughput performance via interactive dashboard or an application program interface (API). 

Having OAK provide the infrastructure to easily deploy, secure, and operate a P-Rep node brings stability to our network and gives candidates more time to focus on expanding the ICON ecosystem,” says Scott Smiley, Co-Founder of ICX Station.

Oak Node will be releasing 3 plans (basic, advanced and pro) for P-Reps to choose from in the near future. To learn more, you can refer to their OAK/ICON page.