ICON has released an updated version of its roadmap.

The August roadmap makes it clear that the ICON team has been busy on their path toward realizing decentralization. Here’s a brief summary of the update, particularly supporting the launch of pre-voting in August and elections in September. 

ICONex Chrome Extension Update

With the start of pre-voting and 3 million ICX giveaway, ICON updated its official wallet, ICONex Chrome Extension to version By staking and delegating ICX via ICONex, ICONists can directly participate in the governance of the network. Note that the mobile capabilities will only be available following September 24th. 

ICON Tracker Update

ICON updated its ICON Tracker to include a new governance section and an improved UI/UX. Through this update, ICONists can easily keep track of staked ICX, voted ICX, governance variables, and more. All this information can be found on a new governance page which updates in real-time. Make sure to refresh the page if you want to keep track of current rankings.

IISS Updates

ICON’s Incentive Distribution Function for P-Reps and voters has also been completed to accommodate the ICX 3 million giveaway and allow the network to reward active contributions through voting and staking.

Contribution Proposal Paper

Lastly, ICON released its Contribution Proposal Paper, outlining the reward earning process for the DApp Booster Program (DBP) and Ecosystem Expansion Project (EEP) initiatives. Ultimately, this framework aims to turn the ICON Republic into one of the world’s first fully functioning decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

For additional details, check out ICON’s updated roadmap here.