Reliant Node are ready to prove themselves. Joining the P-Rep race just a few days ago, the team is focused on uncovering how blockchain technology can empower engineers and solve real world problems. 

1. Tell us about your team.

Our team has over 15 years experience innovating network security across Australia and Europe. With over a decade of experience directly building products, teams and businesses in the mobile and web application space, we can offer thought leadership, technical expertise and community engagement to ICON.

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-Rep?

Our passion is not only to build innovative, business-focused solutions on ICON, but also to support, enable and empower others on this journey. Our participation as a P-Rep is to both pioneer and lead others in delivering real world solutions on ICON.

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

Developing solutions on ICON requires understanding and new skills at a deep technical level. Existent skills fail to adequately bridge the gap between early adoption and early majority. Our thought leadership, product development and community engagement will attract votes from a wide range of ICONists. Our passion is to engage every interest in the ICON ecosystem with a focus on supporting all engineers building and developing applications on ICON.

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

The ICON Foundation presents an impressive adaptation of blockchain technology in setting the future direction for a secure and sustainable network. The ICON economic model differentiates itself from other blockchains. The value of DPoC is that it provides a humanistic approach and incentivises the community for increased collaboration. ICX Fee 2.0 is also an exciting development that removes adoption barriers by allowing early majority users to transact on ICON without token constraints.

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important?

For us, the future of decentralisation is not solely with nodes, infrastructure, transactions and blocks. True decentralization for the Reliant team represents an inclusive approach to distributed applications globally adopted. Our vision embraces any community of any size not limited to financial, medical, education and transport, as they experience the value of the ICON network.

To learn more, you can read Reliant Node’s full proposal on

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