Pre-voting has finally begun! Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know before voting, including updates to the ICONex wallet and ICON Tracker.

What we know

Officially started today at 05:00 UTC, the pre-voting event is slated to last until September 24th and gives ICONists and P-Rep candidates alike the chance to familiarize themselves with the staking and voting process. The anticipated 3 million ICX giveaway has raised high interest and expectations from ICONists, who have been eager to participate. At the time of this writing, 75 teams from all over the world have applied to become P-Rep candidates. If you haven’t selected your favorite teams quite yet, we’ve compiled a handy list of resources at the end of this article. 

What’s updated

If you are part of the ICONist community, you likely already know about the ICX staking procedure. With pre-voting officially live, ICONists can now vote for their favorite candidates thanks to updates to the ICONex wallet and ICON Tracker, which are briefly outlined below.

The ICONex Wallet

A newly updated UX/UI version of the ICONex wallet can be used to stake and delegate. During the pre-voting period, ICONist will need to utilize the web version as mobile capabilities will only be made available on September 24th. You can refer to the ICONex wallet tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

ICON Tracker

In addition to the ICONex wallet, ICON updated its ICON Tracker to include a new governance section and an improved UI/UX. Through this update, ICONists can easily track staked ICX, voted ICX, governance variables, P-Rep rankings, and productivity.

Further resources 

  • To better understand the rewards system, read ICON’s Yellow Paper — IISS 2.0
  • Watch the dedicated ICONSENSUS playlist filled with over 5 hours of introductory videos and panel discussions by P-Rep candidates
  • Filter P-Rep candidates by different categories using Pocket / Figment Networks’ handy ‘Know your P-Rep’ platform
  • For an unofficial evaluation of P-Rep candidates, refer to ICONVIET’s P-Rep Watcher
  • Get to know candidates in-depth through interviews, profiles and guest posts on The Iconist’s dedicated ICONSENSUS page
  • Study up on staking with Chainode Capital’s ICON Ecosystem FAQ
  • Learn how to stake with your Ledger Nano S with ICONation’s quick guide
  • Read Stakin’s guidelines on how to perform due diligence and select the right P-Reps
  • To spread the word about ICON and its upcoming decentralization, use The Iconist’s recently published ‘elevator pitches’
  • Join the ICON community Telegram chat for P-Rep discussions