Big news for ICON today.

According to a Coindesk article, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will establish its first blockchain-based government services this November.

The three services that will be implemented by the November deadline are:

1. S-Coin

Once the city’s blockchain point system is introduced, residents of Seoul will receive S-coins when they use public services, such as paying taxes and participating in public opinion polls. Afterward, they will be able to redeem those points for rewards. Seoul’s point system will be integrated with Zeropay, a city-government sponsored mobile payment system. Citizens can pay for goods with S-coin via Zeropay without charging merchants commissions. 

2. Blockchain Enhancement of Seoul Citizens Card

Giving the Seoul Citizens Card a full blockchain enhancement will simplify digital authentication for the use of public services. Also on the list is a blockchain service that would allow people to submit qualifications without paper documents.

3. Part-time worker’s rights program

This blockchain-based system will facilitate employee-employer relations by allowing part-time and temporary employees to more easily and conveniently sign contracts with employers, keep track of their work histories, maintain timesheets and help them register for Korea’s four major social insurance programs. The goal of this system is to improve trust and create consensus between small companies and part-time workers. 

Smart healthcare, donation management and online certificate verification were also mentioned during the conference but have no year-end completion deadlines.

The Coindesk article explained that while the blockchain services will be controlled by the city, they will be operated by private enterprises. And now, here’s something ICONists will be happy to hear: ICON Foundation Council Member Min Kim, confirmed ICON’s involvement in these projects.