Keeping track of ICON news can be overwhelming official ICON announcements, daily Iconist articles, P-Rep content…it’s never ending, really. The potential for that content to get lost in crowded social media feeds is pretty significant, especially if you’re not the type to constantly check Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and so on. Add in time zone differences? Game. Over.  

But fret not, as The Iconist has found a way to remedy this problem. Say hello to ‘The Brief’, the first bi-weekly ICON Republic roundup! As a media publication, we understand the need to stay current, to be updated on the latest news. If you do happen to miss a few things along the way, though, this roundup is here to make sure you’re all caught up!

For simplicity’s sake, we’ve organized ICON announcements at the top, followed by The Iconist articles, P-Rep/community highlights and news coverage from September 12th until September 26th.

P-Rep Interviews / Profiles

ICON Insider / Newsbytes

P-Rep / Community Highlights

News Coverage