Just a few days ago, I shared a list of US-compliant exchange alternatives that American ICONists can use instead of Binance, who has yet to announce its token listing for its US exchange. One of those was none other than VELIC, a crypto exchange and financial service DApp well known in the ICON community.

VELIC just recently listed WOK, weBloc’s utility token, on its exchange, making them the first to offer a WOK/ICX trading pair. This time, they’ve announced yet another ICX pair with LEO. This brings the total ICX pairing count on VELIC to 5. Here are the current ICX trading pairs available on that exchange:

  • ICX / USDT
  • ICX / BTC
  • LEO / ICX
  • WOK / ICX
  • VELT / ICX

The team at VELIC confirmed they will add more ICX pairings, with a BNB pairing coming next week. They also plan to launch an ICX market in the near future (their current markets include STBL, BTC, ALT and VELT). Stay tuned!