Klaytn’s mainnet will launch on June 27.

Klaytn is a blockchain platform created by Ground X, the blockchain arm of Korean internet giant Kakao Corp. A testnet version of the platform was released in October of last year. Ground X recently used the testnet to help numerous charities and non-profit organizations with a pilot program that tracks in-kind donations from the donor to the recipient:

“The pilot service, developed by Prisming, utilizes Klaytn’s recently launched public testnet, Baobab, by employing both the local database and the distributed ledger function of blockchain technology. In order to maintain the privacy of the data including the prices of the donated goods, some data are recorded on the local DB only while the blockchain records the entire donation journey thereby driving a more transparent giving. The Happiness Foundation plans to integrate this pilot project with its current system by the end of 2019 to improve administrative efficiency with blockchain technology.”

A little piece of Klaytn trivia — the platform is apparently calling its DApps “blockchain applications,” or “BApps.” (link in Korean) While this may sound like a cute nod toward the Korean word for “rice” (“bap”), Ground X CEO Han Jae-seon expanded on the project’s philosophy in March, saying that it was important to support services that the public could use right away, “even if they are semi-decentralized rather than 100% completely decentralized.” And to be sure, the project’s developers are working to make the user experience as painless as possible (link in Korean), including the incorporation of an account management system.

Klaytn is in the middle of a six-week hackathon set to conclude at the end of May.

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