ICONLOOP hosted its first developers’ workshop of 2019 on the afternoon of February 14 at the project’s new office overlooking the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul. Entitled “Dive into ICON,” the workshop aimed to provide developers with the skills and know-how to create DApps on their own. This sharing of knowledge will, the team hopes, contribute to the healthy development of the ICON network and its blockchain ecosystem.

And besides, what better way is there to spend a Valentine’s Day than by learning Python?

Building fundamentals

The February 14 workshop was the first in a planned series of three. Some 15 participants gathered in teams in a conference room attached to ICON’s lounge, their notebook computers open and at the ready. Standing before them, in front of a wall-mounted monitor, was an instructor who was taking his charges through some of the broader points of decentralized application design.

This particular workshop was a “basic” one to introduce attendants to the fundamental technological structure of the ICON blockchain and the basics of DApp development. Participants learned how to use the basic tools needed to develop DApps for the ICON Network. They even got to write a simple smart contract using Python and write some test code.

Two more workshops are planned for March. In these workshops, participants will go deeper into the DApp development process, acquiring the more specialized skills required to make the most of the ICON network. The gatherings also provide host and participating developers alike an opportunity to network with one another. Those who attend all three workshops will receive from ICONLOOP a certificate verifying completion of the course.

Grasping the basics

Woo Byeongkil, a developer within the development studio BD, was participating in the workshop with several of his colleagues. His studio wanted to build a DApp, but the developers were having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the technology. Woo was still having a tough time even after one workshop under his belt – not surprising, given the sophistication of the concepts involved. I’m still quite confused,” he says, but optimistically adds, “I think I’ll grasp the idea if I keep attending.”

His colleague, Ra Sin, found the experience rewarding. “Since I don’t really know blockchain well, it was a bit tough to follow,” he says. “But though it was difficult, I think I’ve managed to get a firm grasp of the basic concepts.”