Due to Chuseok celebrations, the Korean equivalent of American Thanksgiving, earlier this week, news within the ICON Republic was slightly more sparse than usual.

ICON recently announced the extension of its token swap due to lower than expected completion rates (83.9%).

Launched 3 months ago, with frequent reminders by the ICON team, the token swap was set to be completed on September 25th. A one month extension has been granted to minimize harm caused by failures to swap, now allowing users to swap until October 25th (13:00, UTC +9).

ICON is dedicated to consistently informing its community of new updates and relevant information. The team is open to questions about the swap and has detailed a token swap schedule and procedure to further increase understanding.

Stay tuned for more weekly news and interviews on the ICON Republic!

This week’s news in the ICON Republic

The integration allows for a more secure mobile wallet for all Wanchain users.

Wanchain joins The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger, an open source, collaborative effort to improve cross-industry blockchain technologies.

LINE’s crypto exchange, BITBOX, is now supporting the Aion Token Swap. AION users can use it to convert their AION tokens into AION coins.

The digital advertising and marketing company, D2C Inc., is going to help Airbloc Protocol expand into Taiwan and Japan, areas of great growth in usage of mobile devices.

GILGA (Roadside) Capital, a fund company located in North America, is partnering with weBloc, in the pursuit of developing a global blockchain advertising ecosystem.