It might not draw as much media attention as Consensus or SF Blockchain Week, but this week’s Seoul Blockchain Expo still offers an excellent opportunity to review the current state of Korea’s blockchain industry and explore its possible futures.

So what does that future look like? We certainly hope it’s better than the bombastically banal and grammatically questionable slogan: “Blockchain: From Ideal to Reality”

Here’s what to actually look out for:


  • The first session is somewhat misleadingly titled “The Direction of Innovation for South Korea’s Blockchain Industry”. It’s actually a series of talks by National Assembly representatives, regulators and the CEO of Korean cryptofund #Hashed. It’s unlikely that there will be any big announcements, but it should help take the temperature of the “ajusshis in charge.”
  • After lunch reps from Korea’s capital, Seoul, second city, Busan, and holiday island, Jeju, will all talk about how they’re transforming into blockchain havens. They’ll be followed by speakers from Deloitte and actual blockchain haven Malta.
  • Then there’s more fun with representatives from MoFAS (is their name short for “more fast”?), ICON (yeah!), MediaBloc and BLOCKO, will talk about public-private projects they’re currently undertaking.
  • The day wraps up with pitches from SENTINEL PROTOCOL, Usechain, COSMOCHAIN and the AlphaBit Fund.


  • The day kicks off with a series of talks by blockchain investors, which should be focused on how they discover and assess projects. Sinhae Lee, who was one of the highlights of Korea blockchain week in July, will give an overview of “Trends in Key Blockchain Markets – US, China, and Korea”
  • Then there’s a session entitled Public Blockchain Meets the Real World. The speakers look interesting, but this looks like a catch-all session for speakers that didn’t fit well elsewhere.
  • Reps from Samsung, LG and SK, among others, will gather to talk about how economic giants can make money from blockchain.
  • And the day closes with another round of pitches from Asobimo, TTC, Passport, Airbloc, Digital Content Open Market Platform, COIC.

Some of the more interesting moves are happening before the official start of the Expo.

Samsung SDS will be introducing its vision for the blockchain industry during the expo, announced today that it had signed an agreement for a maritime logistics project based on blockchain technology with ABN AMRO, one of the three largest banks in the Netherlands, and the Rotterdam Municipal Port Management, which oversees cargo processing at Europe’s busiest port.

SK Telecom, an official sponsor of the Expo, announced Sunday that it had signed an agreement with Korea’s Land and Housing Corporation to develop blockchain-based services, particularly a mobile identification solution that could be used when making housing deals.

Earlier this month, Seoul Mayor Won Soon Park announced “Blockchain City Seoul,” the Korean capital’s master plan for cultivating blockchain and incorporating the technology into urban administration. Details of the plan will be revealed during the Expo.

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