We officially relaunched The Iconist just five months ago after a long hiatus, as the first and only dedicated news site for the ICON Republic. And once again, we’ve managed to prove ourselves to be the best resource for the ICON community, covering the biggest ICON announcements, crypto-related news and more. 

And let’s address the fact that 2021 was a huge year for ICON. We’ve had the pleasure of covering the latest with ICON 2.0, ICE, as well as new dApps such as Omm Finance, Craft Network and more…

To celebrate all of this, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top 10 best articles from The Iconist in 2021. They have been ranked according to view count, social media engagement and content.

So here’s the countdown to the best Iconist article of 2021:

10. ICON’s NFT Ecosystem: An Overview 

Here at The Iconist, we love NFTs so much that we’ve written multiple articles about them including what they are, biggest influencers within the space and how ICONLOOP’s technology has utilised it. But fancy taking a quick overview of ICON’s growing NFT space? In this article, we cover GangstaBet, Project Nebula, Winible and more.

9. No Green Tracksuit Required: Win ICX 45,600 with ‘ICONFi Game’ 

ICONFi was definitely not immune to the Squid Game craze, which is now the most googled TV show of 2021. With a chance to win ICX 45,600, we’ve seen many of you on social media showing interest in the non-deadly parody.

8. Beginner’s Guide to ICON

ICON can be hard to explain for newcomers – but all you need to do is send them this article. We’ve loved hearing your stories about successful (and failed) attempts to get your friends and family into ICON!

7. ICY Snapshot Coming in Last Week of December

This article answers one of the most-asked questions within the ICON community – “When is airdrop?” In fact, pretty much any content we’ve posted regarding the ICE has garnered over a thousand views, such as this one: ICE Airdrop Details Coming Within Two Weeks

6. Is the Metaverse Korea’s Digital Frontier? 

It seems that the metaverse is the next big thing – attracting even the Korean government, as we cover in our article. And whatsmore, ICON has recently signed a partnership with RedFOX Labs, a metaverse builder.

5. Top 9 ICON Influencers to Follow Right Now 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we just really enjoy highlighting the works of our wonderful community members. Did you know that we have a DeFi and an NFT edition too?

4. Welcome Omm, ICON’s Decentralized Open Money Market 

One of the most successful DeFi projects on ICON, this is not our only article about Omm Finance. Check out our pre-launch write-up, as well as the post-launch update.

3. And So It Begins… 

We like to think that this article marks the beginning of ICON’s new era – ICON 2.0. After countless updates, all of which have soared in readership, we were excited to provide you the final update.

2. ICE and ICON: A Very Short Primer

We’ve answered many of your questions surrounding the new EVM compatible blockchain with the help of Scott Smiley, in case you’re ever confused about ICE. 

1. Optimus is Being Primed for Launch

Unsurprisingly, this is our most viewed article of 2021 at The Iconist. A lot of this can probably be owed to its witty title (and also the hype surrounding Optimus, ICON’s third DeFi platform).

Honorable mention

Help ICON Pinas Make 100 Kids Smile in this Xmas Donation Drive

This is a recent article highlighting ICON Pinas’ work, who has been raising funds over the past few weeks to host a Christmas party for underprivileged children in the Philippines. We simply had to include this, especially as ICON Pinas has received such an overwhelming amount of positive responses from the community!

We would sincerely like to thank all of you ICONists who have consistently read, watched and supported our content in the past year. We will continue to cover the latest in ICON and the crypto world in 2022.

Here’s to another great year. Happy holidays, ICONists!