So, you wanted to know when the ICE airdrop is happening.

Well, we still don’t know for sure, but at least we’re getting close.

The ICE team tweeted on Tuesday:

Attn Community! The team has been hard at work ironing out the details surrounding the upcoming launch of the ICE project. At this point, we are very excited to announce that within the next two weeks, we will be outlining the airdrop mechanics for stakeholders ($ICX holders, developers, exchanges, etc), snapshot details, and opening our first community channels.”

Things continue to get more exciting since the launch of ICON 2.0. As was mentioned during the launch party, with 2.0 up and running, expect developers to focus their attention on a wider range of projects. Which means more news like this.

ICE is the transaction fee and rewards token of the ICE Network, an EVM compatible blockchain for the ICON community.

As Ethereum is still the number one blockchain network for DApps at the moment, bringing compatibility with Ethereum is a big, big deal.

And as Balanced co-founder Scott Smiley told us last month, “While ICON and ICE are different blockchains, the success of the ICE Network leads to success for ICX, because ICX is the staking token of the ICE Network.”

Everyone wins.