Last week, we wrote all about the top 10 influencers in ICON’s NFT space. We’re back with another list this week, except that this time, we’re showcasing 10 influencers within ICON’s DeFi space.

Here at The Iconist, we love DeFi so much that we’ve already written multiple articles on it – what it is, why you should use it, how it’s making the world a better place and the biggest DeFi projects within ICON

And now, following influencers from our carefully curated list on social media means that your feed will be filled with DeFi (if it isn’t already), and who wouldn’t want that?

So here are the 10 biggest accounts on social media who’ve joined the DeFi craze, especially within ICON.

  1. Tony D (@adflondon) 

An early investor of ICX and an active member of the ICON community, Tony posts price predictions, exciting ICON-related events and of course, his take on the DeFi scene. He has over 3,800 followers on Twitter.

  1. Digitaldave.eth (@real_digidavid) 

Despite having ‘DeFi n00b’ on their bio, they actively post informative Tweets on ICON, many of which highlight its various DeFi projects. They have over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

  1. Scott Smiley (@benny_options)

We obviously can’t miss out the star of our recent article ‘Why DeFi, With Scott Smiley’. An ex-banker now knee-deep in blockchain and crypto Twitter, Scott is the co-founder of ICX Station that built three DeFi platforms: Balanced, Omm and Bridge. And he’s got over 3,700 followers on Twitter. But more impressively, he’s been interviewed by Hashoshi, who has over 150k subscribers on YouTube.

You can also connect with Scott on LinkedIn here.

  1. Fez (@fezbox) 

Fez has ‘DeFi educator’ on their Twitter bio, which probably automatically qualifies him for this list. He is the founder of Crypto Setups, a YouTube channel with over 2,600 subscribers, who creates tutorials on how to get started on crypto. Alongside Iconographer, he is also a host of the weekly podcast ‘Eye on Icon’ where they cover everything from ICON’s latest DeFi project to the price of ICX. You can join Fez’s Twitter following of over 1,500 here.

  1. Iconographer (@iconographerICX) 

‘Eye on Icon’s co-host Iconographer is a member of the Rhizome P-Rep team as well as ICON’s early contributor and analyst. He’s the author behind an excellent nine-part series of Medium blogs called ‘The ICON DeFi Guide’. On Twitter, he shares his blogs and retweets important news so be sure to join his following of over 2,300.

  1. Tj Hunt (@shikamarumind1)

TJ works in product & strategy within ICON, so naturally he is heavily involved with ICON’s DeFi space. He is an active user on Twitter, with over 1,000 followers.

  1. (@DefiLlama)

Though not part of the ICON community, is a popular TVL (Total Value Locked) aggregator. On the ICON Network, they are currently tracking Balanced, Omm and UniFi—which could be useful information for investors and developers alike. They have over 47K followers on Twitter and tweet every time they are tracking a new DeFi protocol. Great way to learn more about DeFi in other networks too!

  1. Jaba shotniasvili (@nikos5800)  

Most likely a familiar name if you’re active on ICON’s Twitter community, Jaba is a ‘passionate Iconist’ (his words, not ours). It’s clear from his frequent tweets that he truly cares about ICON and spreading the word. Whether it be DeFi, NFTs and questionable metaphors for ICON, he’s probably posted it all. He has over 1,500 followers on Twitter.

  1. Monks Academy (@monksacademy) 

Another DeFi educator on the list, Monks Academy (previously known as DeFi Academy) is powered by the Omm Finance community. They post beginner-friendly videos on their YouTube channel, introducing viewers to DeFi, governance, Omm and more. Their Twitter is also very active, with nearly 300 followers.

  1. DeFi Dave (@topps_dave)

And finally, we have a Twitter user who calls themselves DeFi Dave. They have nearly 400 followers and 1,000 Tweets (a large chunk of which is probably about DeFi).