ICON Fundamental Analysis Report

Fundamental analysis of a blockchain project attempts to determine intrinsic value by analyzing a wide range of internal and external factors that impact a particular project.

These factors can include the background of the project, real world use cases, the team, tokenomics, governance structure, competition and any and all metrics that can determine a project’s health and potential.

In this report, we have conducted just such an analysis with ICON.

Granted, conducting fundamental analysis on a blockchain project isn’t always easy, given the decentralized and largely unregulated nature of the industry. Still, by examining existing numbers, market conditions, industry structures, technological development and other critical factors, we believe we have created a convincing picture of ICON’s health and its place in the wider blockchain ecosystem.

Ultimately, we hope this report serves as a useful resource for both existing members of the ICON ecosystem and would be participants and commentators, including developers interested in building on ICON, potential partners of the ICON network, prospective ICX investors, as well as journalists and multimedia content creators.

The topics covered in the report include:

  • Why is Fundamental Analysis so important in the blockchain world
  • What is ICON
  • Use cases of ICON’s technology
  • ICON’s team and partners
  • ICON’s governance model
  • ICON’s market entry status and future opportunities
  • ICON’s technological capabilities and achievements
  • And finally, ICON’s standing vis a vis competitors

We have also published an accompanying video series at our YouTube channel.

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