It’s a pretty good idea to do research before buying cryptocurrency of any kind. But looking at charts and googling predictions all day isn’t exactly the funnest way to invest. 

So why not follow influencers on social media who post about ICON-related news, whilst engaging with their followers? Their content can vary from predictions, opinions and guides to videos and podcasts, making crypto fun and interesting.

We’ve compiled a list of nine influential influencers who we feel represent the ICON community very well. Their feeds are not only useful resources but are also guaranteed to spice up your feed. Check it out! (But also please keep in mind that this list is not meant to be exhaustive, and some influencers may have been missed — if you know any, please share their names and handles with our community on Twitter!)

  1. ICON Foundation (@helloiconworld)

What better way to get the latest updates than from the source itself? @helloiconworld, the official Twitter account for the ICON Republic, has an impressive 145k followers to whom they announce various partnerships, events and giveaways on their channel.

  1.  Min (@minterchain) 

Possibly the most respected figure within the ICON community, Min is the founder of the ICON Project and is very active on Twitter with over 17k followers. He teases new projects and investments, keeping his followers hooked.

You can also connect with Min on LinkedIn.

  1. Brian Li (@bwhli)

Brian boasts over 3k followers on Twitter and regularly tweets about ICON. It’s no surprise that he’s gained a high reputation in the ICON community. He gives out useful advice, positively engages with the community and helps people out. Did we also mention that he actively works with ICON P-Reps such as Rhizome and Tempo?

Brian has his own blog, where he writes about ICON, NFTs, Airpods and more. You can find him on LinkedIn too.

  1. Fez (@fezbox)

Fez is the founder of Crypto Setups, a YouTube channel that creates tutorials on how to get started in cryptocurrency, which has 1.85k subscribers. He is also a co-host of the podcast ‘Eye on Icon’ along with fellow Rhizome P-Rep team member Iconographer, where listeners can find out their takes on weekly news and gain valuable insights from various guests. His Twitter is somewhat active, with over 1.2k followers.

  1. ICXcomics (@ICXcomics)

@ICXcomics call their content a ‘visual guide for ICON blockchain’, which cannot be truer. Although not as active as they used to be (their CPS-funded “Season Two” comic series finished in late July), ICXcomics’ artistic takes on the latest ICON updates and guides are pleasing to look at and easy to understand — definitely worth scrolling down their profile for. ICXcomics have nearly 700 followers on Twitter and you can also check out their Medium blogs.

  1. Scott Smiley (@benny_options) 

Scott Smiley is an ex-banker who is now working on strategy for the ICON Project. He’s also a co-founder of ICX Station and an early contributor to Balanced Network, ICON’s first DeFi platform. He retweets the latest news and updates surrounding ICON and followers can expect exclusive insights from him (he is in strategy, after all). He has over 3k followers on Twitter.

  1. Patryk Galewski (@galewskipatryk) 

Patryk Galewski is an ambassador for P-Rep team ICON Guide Star. He has over 3k followers on Twitter and actively engages with his followers by promoting ICX, retweeting news and posting retweet-worthy quotes

  1. ICON Buddy (@ICXBuddy) 

Like the name suggests, @ICXBuddy should be your go-to for ICON related views, news and information, as they are extremely active. They are an ambassador for the ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep team and have over 5k followers on Twitter

  1. The Iconist (@TheIconistNews) 

Last but not least, is — you guessed it — our very own publication here at The Iconist! We are the first dedicated news site for the ICON Republic and we love interacting with our followers through article posts, polls, and more. We have 4.6k followers on Twitter, and we’re consistently topping lists of top ICX influencers – follow us if you haven’t already!