About ICON

ICON aims to connect blockchains and communities. The organization’s core goal is to enable easy development of solutions that are interoperable across multiple blockchains, to deliver as broad a suite of solutions as possible and to reach as large a potential market as possible. In achieving this, ICON aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the masses.

Paraphrasing ICON’s 1-liner, ICON is a public blockchain protocol that is committed to building a hyperconnected future with BTP, their chain-agnostic interoperability solution.

And, according to their website, “ICON is an open-source layer 1 delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) blockchain and smart contract platform focused on connecting unique blockchains and their respective communities. ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) is a trustless and chain-agnostic interoperability solution that supports generic smart contract calls between connected blockchains. ICON offers a unique high-performance smart contract execution environment powered by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is ideal for developing minimal-latency cross-chain dApps. The ICON blockchain is governed by validators elected through the network’s ICX staking and delegation mechanism.”

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