ICONFi has gone all Squid Game on us.

The ICON-based DeFi team is hosting a game with a maximum payout of ICX 45,600 (almost USD 95,000 at Tuesday’s rates).

From ICONFi’s Medium page:

To give you a chance to make a fortune and change your life out of this game, we launch the ICONFi Game. The final winners who survived from the Five games will evenly get the accumulated ICX rewards! The total available prize of the ICONFi Game is about whopping 45,600 ICX!

The number 45,600 is a reference to the KRW 45.6 billion prize at stake in the hit Netflix series “Squid Game.”

Now, ICX 45,600 is quite a bit less than KRW 45.6 billion (about USD 38.6 million).

But having an extra ICX 45,600 in the bank is better than NOT having an extra KRW 45,600 in the bank.

And ICONFI won’t kill you if you lose. Presumably.

Five Days. Five Games.

The ICONFi Game consists of five straight days of games to be held from Nov. 8 to 12. Each day will feature a different game. You must survive all five games to win.

To play, you’ll need to submit links to your Twitter posts via Google Forms. Once the game begins, ICONFi will post the game missions on Twitter. The number of survivors will be announced via Twitter upon the conclusion of each game.

ICONFi will put together ICX 10 for each player who participates to create the pot. If 1,000 players take part and there are two survivors, each one will receive ICX 5,000. Obviously, this means the more players, the bigger the potential prize, so ICONFi is encouraging players to tell everyone and their brother about the game.

To play, you must:

  • Be an ICONFi user who completed KYC
  • Have a Twitter account.
  • Complete a player application by 07:00 UTC, Nov. 5

NOTE: You MUST complete the KYC period by the application deadline. This could take a couple of days. ICONFI has a helpful guide on registering with ICONFi and the KYC process here.

There’s Always a Chance

Through the game, ICONFi wants to demonstrate there are always opportunities for people to financially better themselves.

Watching the Squid Game, it was kinda sad to see people bet their lives to earn money to save and change their daily lives,” said Steve Cho, ICONFi’s marketing leader. “ICONFi wanted to show a different ending with the ICONFi Game, namely, that everyone can be a winner, and let people know that there’s always a chance to grow your assets and live a financially better life with ICONFi.”

The international success of Netflix’s Squid Game also presents a good opportunity to introduce people to the ICON network.

We wanted to use (Squid Game) to let more people know about ICX and bring them into the ICON ecosystem,” said Steve. “We will design the games to make people richer than before they played the ICONFi Game.”

In particular, ICONFi Game breaks from the “zero sum game” imposed upon us in much of daily life. Here, everyone can be a winner.

In the real world, many people are pushed to make investments in assets or trade in stocks and crypto, but this eventually makes some rich and others poor,” said Steve. “But the ICONFi team didn’t want to play this zero sum game. Rather, we wanted to make every ICONFi user richer than yesterday.”

Whether or not you are familiar with crypto, ICONFi wants to give you a chance to grow your crypto assets and enjoy passive income with Fixed Savings and ICX Stakings,” he added. “The ICONFi Game will be an opportunity to let people know about this.”