The ICON 2.0 era has officially begun.

The new mainnet started producing blocks at around 1:45 a.m. KST.

At around 7 a.m. KST, the migration was declared complete.

All public endpoints are functioning, and exchanges have resumed ICX deposits and withdrawals. Omm and Balanced are up, too.

So far everything is looking good,” says Nym, the ICON 2.0 product manager. “There are some post upgrade hotfixing and troubleshooting, of course. But overall, the network is stable and users can make transactions.”

The ICON Foundation was kind enough to release a helpful handbook for exchanges and citizen nodes to help them adjust to 2.0.

In case you missed it, Fez from Crypto Setups hosted the Launch Party at the Eye on Icon YouTube channel.

It’s nearly three and half hours a material, including chats with the ICON team’s heavy hitters (including ICON Foundation founder Min Kim, ICX Station co-founders Daeki Lee and Scott Smiley, ICON Foundation product and strategy guy TJ Hunt, Ricky Dodds and the new marketing team members), as well as talks with representatives from some of the ICON ecosystem’s most important projects.

Said Fez, “Our community banded together and showed they were just as excited about ICON 2.0 and seeing everyone from the foundation together!”

Perhaps of most interest was the sneak peak of the BTP interface.

Just scroll to 1:29:50 to see it.

The interface appears quite intuitive, making sending assets across chains a relatively painless process. It also provides users a tangible means to interact with the blockchain — another reason to be excited for BTP’s release later this month.

Min Kim said during the Launch Party that “the utility factor will be exponential” as more and more blockchains connect to ICON through BTP.

With the migration to 2.0 complete, expect ICON developers to broaden their focus of interest.

For what it’s worth, ICX was down today between 5 and 6% against Bitcoin and the US dollar.

Anyway, there’s a lot to unpack here, which we will be doing over the coming days.