NFTs are super hot right now. Good news is that ICON’s NFT space is growing day by day, thanks to its community members.

So far, we’ve written about what they are and how to get them, as well as an overview of ICON’s NFT ecosystem. But just in case you couldn’t get enough of NFTs, we thought we’d make a list of influencers to follow within ICON’s NFT space. By following everyone on this list, you’re probably going to learn new things about NFTs, ICON and NFTs within ICON. And who knows, you might make new friends within the community and win an NFT in a giveaway!

Whether it be developers, artists or investors, this list has got it all. However, please note that there are so many amazing members within ICON’s NFT space that by no means we were able to include them all in one article – but do feel free to share the handle with our community on Twitter.

So let’s find out the biggest players within ICON’s wonderful NFT space.

  1. Craft Network (@craftdotnetwork) 

Currently the most popular marketplace for anyone looking to craft, sell or buy NFTs within ICON, the community-driven Craft Network was built by P-Reps, ICX Station and You can join their Twitter following of 1.8k to find out the latest updates, contests, partnerships and more.

  1. PinkPunks (@PinkPunksArt) 

One of the top artists on Craft Network, PinkPunks’ NFTs are recognisable from afar – inspired by LarvaLabs’ CryptoPunks project with a signature pink background in each of their works. Not only do they advertise their own trendy NFTs, but they also share lots of other cool NFT projects within ICON.

PinkPunks’ Twitter has over 800 followers. Be sure to scroll their Twitter feed to admire all the brilliant art ICON’s NFT space has to offer!

  1. Picxals (@picxals) 

Picxals’ works are probably the cutest NFTs one can find in ICON – Craft Network describes them as “adorable randomized NFT creatures that start off as eggs, hatch into their baby forms, then are grown into their adult forms that will be used in a future NFT gaming platform.” Although not fully launched yet, they are keeping their followers hooked by teasing their project and retweeting the latest within ICON’s NFT ecosystem.

Also, we just really appreciate the creativity of their username.

  1. CryptAliens (@CryptoniansNFT)

Another popular creator on Craft Network, CryptAliens mints colorful alien-style NFTs that have become increasingly popular with the community. They have nearly 500 followers on Twitter, and worth a follow if you don’t mind an alien NFT intruding your feed from time to time. Plus, they offer exclusive discounts through their tweets. What’s not to like?

  1. Andrew Burns (@atburns14)

Andrew is part of the Rhizome P-Rep team as a developer and founder of MetrICX, a DApp that allows you to track and view your own staking data, vote allocation and more. He has over 700 followers on Twitter and he regularly tweets about NFTs, amongst other crypto-related stuff.

  1. Crypto Whale Portraits NFT (@CryptoWhalesART)

Speaking of Andrew, did we also mention that he is the founder of a “Gangsta Whale Collection” on Craft Network? On Twitter, their bio states that each NFT represents a real personality with features unique to them. Furthermore, you can DM the account for commissions.

Rather than a single image, these NFTs are shared in the form of short animated videos such as this one, so make sure to give them a follow if you want to diversify your NFT-themed feed.

  1. GangstaBet (@_GangstaBet)

With a 90s classic gangster themed NFT collection, their launch earlier this month has been massively successful with a total volume of ICX 73,500 so far. Not only does their social media share updates within their collection, but they regularly engage with the community through raffles (for a special GangstaBet T-shirt) and spend great efforts to directly communicate with its members. 

Join their following of over 1,000 on Twitter if you want to keep up with one of the biggest creators in ICON. But be warned: you might experience FOMO if you haven’t bought any of their gangsters or detectives already.

  1. Daan Blue (@Daan_blue)

With over 800 followers, Daan regularly posts informative tweets about ICON and its NFTs through polls, retweets and giveaways of their very own NFT collection of “Space Bears” on Craft Network.

  1. Cryptowhale10 (@Cryptowhale10)

A well-respected member of the ICON community, Cryptowhale10 is very active on Twitter. Although not a seller or a developer (as far as we know), they work tirelessly to market the efforts of ICON, as well as various NFT projects within it. He has over 3,400 followers on Twitter.

  1. Project Nebula (@ProjectNebula_)

And lastly, we have ICON’s very own NFT-based science fiction strategy game Project Nebula! With over 3,400 followers on Twitter, they post exciting announcements, cryptic updates and various giveaways. Whether you are a player or a bystander, be sure to follow Project Nebula for some beautiful artworks and intriguing updates from their universe…