Another day, another big piece of news from ICONLOOP.

The blockchain company announced Thursday the launch of a “smart farm big data platform.”

The platform establishes an administrative base that can systematically compile, manage and share data from a national “smart farm package” R&D project sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Rural Development Administration and led by the Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (iPET).

ICONLOOP developed the big data platform as part of a consortium with CCmedia Service, Hohyun FnC, UBN and ArtPQ — the IT company that collaborated with ICONLOOP in building Jeju’s Modang shared logistics platform.

With agricultural populations growing smaller, less land dedicated to farming and energy and labor prices soaring, there are real questions about the sustainability of agriculture. Nations and organizations the world over are working to develop smart farm solutions based on so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” technologies.

South Korea’s multi-ministry “smart farm package” R&D project seeks to secure a new growth engine and bolster national competitiveness by developing technologies to industrialize the first generation of smart farms by 2027.

ICONLOOP’s blockchain technology improves the transparency and credibility of the project’s big data platform by enabling users to safely and conveniently store and manage data.

Interestingly enough, ICONLOOP uses the blockchain-based certification service “broof” to manage and share R&D data, preventing tampering. It also applies blockchain technology to allow users to permanently store research documents on the immutable blockchain.

JH Kim, the CEO of ICONLOOP, said he thought it was significant that his company’s blockchain technology was put to work in a project that could become the “cornerstone of a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.”

He added that ICONLOOP will strive so that blockchain technology such as DID can help make a safer, more convenient world.