ICONLOOP announced Wednesday that it has been taking part in the construction of Jeju Province’s “Modang” shared logistics platform.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport selected the platform as one of its 2021 trial programs for digital logistics services in May. ICONLOOP and Jeju-based IT company ArtPQ were tasked with building it.

The Modang platform offers three services:

  • A joint delivery service to deliver products erstwhile undeliverable to island regions such as Jeju.
  • A joint delivery service for products from Jeju, including agricultural goods and manufactured items.
  • A matching service for shared storage space.

Trial service for the first two begins from Wednesday, while trial service for the third begins from Dec. 1.

The service aims to lessen inconveniences for people living in island regions, help local businesses and activate the sharing economy by sharing needed spaces.

ICONLOOP took part in building the blockchain-based management system for logistics records, as well as the payments system. In particular, it used the Loopchain engine to enable the secure, transparent management of logistics records.

ICONLOOP CEO, JH Kim, said he was happy that ICONLOOP’s blockchain technology was used in Jeju’s first-ever digital sharing logistics platform, and that his company would continue to apply the value of blockchain to daily life in even more sectors.

ICONLOOP has cooperated in several Jeju-based projects, both private and public. Most notable, the company’s DID solution “MyID” powers Jeju Safety Code, Jeju’s award-winning local contact tracing app.