Several of ICON’s leading DApps are joining forces to promote the development of the blockchain network’s DApp ecosystem.

Decentralized advertising protocol weBloc, K-pop community platform STAYGE One, ICON-powered karaoke service SOMESING and blockchain research lab and ICON SCORE auditor SIgnal 9 announced last Friday that they had formed the ICON DApp Alliance (IDA).

The new body aims to build a collaborative system to graft existing business models onto ICON’s blockchain and lead the development of ICON’s DApp ecosystem by sharing the experiences of participating projects.

The IDA aspires to become a pathway through which new business partners can join the ICON network.

Two of the alliance’s participating projects, weBloc and Signal 9, previously demonstrated how that can be done when they applied blockchain technology to the ticket website Time Ticket. The online platform, which offers last-minute musical or theater tickets at discounted prices, now records its sales transactions on the ICON Tracker, bringing greater transparency.

The IDA also hopes to help new projects experiencing development difficulties and to lower the barriers to entry for services hoping to use the ICON network by sharing the alliance’s experiences.

I personally believe the dApps are the ones who create values on the Mainnets’ network by generating transactions. Korean ICON DApps – especially those who issued their own tokens using SCORE and generated meaningful transactions — have not been spotlighted adequately, mainly due to the language barrier and lacking resources to cover PR activities,” says weBloc Director Steve Cho. “By initiating the IDA, members will make joint efforts to engage in better promotion and find ways to help each other by opening up a dev forum, which will be publicly shared with ICONists around the world in both English and Korean.”

IDA already started conversations with legacy business partners of weBloc in Korea to join in the ICON network and the IDA, and if they decide to issue their own tokens using ICON SCORE, IDA will help them to build their own services in an easier manner,” he adds. Each member team has faced various hardships in terms of development and operation of services — IDA wants potential dApps of ICON to avoid experiencing the same obstacles.”

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