As you might have noticed, ICON’s website looks a bit different now since the ICON 2.0 upgrade.

On its Medium site on Tuesday, the ICON Foundation explained the design philosophy behind the new website:

ICON’s website now has a new futuristic design to represent the innovative technology that the ecosystem has brought and continues to bring to the crypto space. The website now features a section dedicated to news and social media activity so that users, developers, and investors can stay up to date on the latest announcements all in one place.”

Among the key design points:

  • A “fresh new capitalized and hyper-fast italic” logo.
  • Dedicated social media sections due to ICON’s expanded presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and its E-Newsletter.
  • A section on BTP, ICON’s soon-to-be-launched cross-chain interoperability protocol.
  • A section on some of ICON’s top applications, including leading DeFi and NFT services.
  • A nifty little “seen in” section to promote the network’s media appearances.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out crypto Youtuber Hashoshi’s breakdown of the ICON 2.0 update, go watch it now. Nice neon Molson sign, too (HT to ICONkr).