Suprema joins the MyID Alliance

Leading provider of biometrics and security Suprema has joined the MyID Alliance as a Growth Partner.

That brings the alliance’s number of partners to 57.

Suprema has been winning recognition for its pioneering efforts in providing biometric security solutions to major corporations, public institutions, construction, apartments and other verticals. Its leading technology includes its ISO 27001-certified contactless mobile access solution that lets you use your smartphone as a key to access doors, networks and more.

An official from Surprema told a local news outlet that the company would work with other Growth Partners and the wider MyID Alliance ecosystem to safely integrate Surpema mobile card technology and DID.

ICONLOOP Communication Team Lead Minhwan Kim said, “Suprema has the world’s best bio-recognition technology and is based on the industry-leading fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology. The MyID Alliance hopes that Suprema will spread MyID-based services to more diverse fields and collaborate with the MYID Alliance.”

Josh Choi, the Deputy Executive Director of MyID Alliance, said, “We expect Suprema to contribute to the technical advancement of the physical (offline) security area by integrating  its mobile card technology and MyID-based DID technology.

IDA Wants Quality DApps Generating Quality Transactions

The ICON DApp Alliance (IDA) — which we introduced last week — has apparently gotten a ton of feedback since announcing its launch.

The IDA’s four current members — weBloc, StaygeOne, Somesing and Signal9 — recently held a video conference to discuss membership conditions and ways to cooperate with DApp projects.

According to the alliance, many of the services that appeared during last year’s Tx Challenge may have contributed to dramatically boosting transaction volume, but many of those services aimed to simply increase the transaction volume rather than generate transactions involving meaningful data.

Concluding that such services would be unable to secure users and provide value in a sustainable way, the IDA decided to limit its membership to the following:

  1. Projects that can contribute to the growth of the ICON ecosystem;
  2. Services that generate transactions by issuing IRC2-based tokens;
  3. Projects that will bring about simultaneous growth through cooperation with the IDA.

The IDA plans to release a membership guide soon.

The IDA’s ultimate goal is to become an organization that speaks for the interests of ICON DApps. It aims to rectify the perceived lack of quality DApps on the ICON network — and the lack of quality transactions — by opening development and service forums and promoting communication with various participants to activate the ICON development community and expand the ICON ecosystem, leading to continuous growth. 

weBloc is trying to bring more of its business partners into the ICON ecosystem. They could be using WOK tokens for the transactions or other IRC2 based tokens that suit their needs. At the moment there are 3 companies continuing the discussion.” said weBloc Director, Steve Cho.

The IDA plans soon to support the ICON Community Grant Program as well.