And the countdown continues. ICON has made an announcement that will allow ICONists to reap the benefits of the ICX giveaway for just a little longer. 

The pre-voting period, which was scheduled to end next week on September 24th, has been extended until October 29th, 2019. As such, ICONists have an extra month to continue voting and receive i_Score until decentralization at the end of October. 

As explained in their Medium blog, “it is essential to release stabilized software so that P-Reps can operate the ICON Network after the decentralization process.” In other words, this extension gives developers more time to test software and reach higher levels of stabilization, thereby improving the reliability of the network to achieve successful decentralization. 

A one month buffer period has also been granted to P-Reps, allowing them to familiarize themselves with operations in the early stages of decentralization. The 6% burning penalty of delegated ICX will thus only begin at the end of November. 

New schedule

  • Pre-voting: from August 24th until October 29th, 2019 UTC 05:00
  • Decentralization: starting October 29th, 2019 UTC 05:00
  • Buffer period: until November 29th, 2019

With about 15.7% of ICX voted, The Iconist would like to remind everyone to spread their votes accordingly to distribute power. Refer to the ICON Tracker for real-time updates.