ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim spoke with Korean news site Tech M.

Kim said ICONLOOP’s new effort is to provide support for anyone to build a mainnet. 

He also noted that while the previous government’s dim view of virtual assets made it difficult for blockchain projects to maintain drive, he believed the new government’s positive attitude toward virtual assets would bring new opportunities.

Indeed, Kim has previously said his company would focus more on virtual assets as Korea takes a more crypto-friendly turn.

Based on ICONLOOP’s rich experience, including creating ICON’s mainnet, ICONLOOP would provide mainnet technical support and consulting.

In particular, he said ICONLOOP would provide full stack technological support and consulting to build platforms, from designing and building mainnets to token economies. At the same time, they will help entities realize all Web 3.0 services, including NFTs, DID and DeFi.

He stressed that ICONLOOP would not merely provide technology, but would cooperate jointly with partners to build ecosystems.

If you build a mainnet with ICONLOOP technology, you can easily realize a multi-chain ecosystem through interchain technology. The company also supports different smart contract environments, so you can write new JVM, EVM or WASM-based smart contracts or import existing ones.

Noting security issues plaguing other mainnets, Kim noted ICONLOOP has stress tested thanks to popular services like Jeju Safety Code, and has the ability to react quickly to problems when they occur.

He said ICON can handle 1 million transactions with no problems, and they’ve internalized the know-how gained during last year’s upgrade to ICON 2.0.

HAVAH? What the heck is that?

Remember SPERA? Well, we’re calling it HAVAH now.

Kim also talked about the joint venture between ICONLOOP, the ICON Foundation and Korean game services startup 2bytes.

It’s still an interchain NFT entertainment platform, so that hasn’t changed.

Set to launch sometime this year, HAVAH would enable users to take NFTs on ICON and move them to Klaytn or Solana and trade them on OpenSea.

As noted before, HAVAH will leverage ICON’s BTP technology to connect NFTs issued on different blockchain networks and platforms, making them interoperable.

It will also help ICON transactions by using CFT, Balanced  and ICE.

The HAVAH project plans to open its project homepage in June, and unveil games to the users by the end of the year.