It’s Monday, so let’s take a look at some of the things happening in the ICON space.

What the heck is “Art-Fi?”

That’s a very good question, and I’m not sure FRAMD really answered it.

But whatever it is, FRAMD is trying to create it.

From Twitter:

We are building something new. Why new? Well, we looked, and we couldn’t find a similar NFT concept out there, so we decided to pioneer it. We are creating Art-Fi, and it’s coming to ICON. Why not make Art work for you?

I’m led to understand this constitutes “alpha.”

Anyway, FRAMD has begun rebranding, beginning with the snazzy orange F in what I believe is a blue picture frame. I now realize FRAMD is pronounced like “framed.” I’d always assumed it was a short vowel. That’s my main takeaway from this, anyway.

You can follow the FRAMD story as it develops at their Discord.

Arctic Explorer

Wanna see what the Arctic Subscan Explorer looks like for Arctic Testnet?

Well, here you go.

According to the ICE/SNOW network, Subscan is “a high-precision Web3 explorer which can quickly support Substrate ecological networks. It provides user-friendly interactive experience in Staking, EVM, Parachain and other modules.”

The response from multiple members of the community to this development has been, “When airdrop?”

According to the ICE/SNOW roadmap, the SNOW airdrop claim should be in Q3

Hana 2.0

Node validator ReliantNode will soon be upgrading its Chrome-based, multichain wallet Hana to version 2.0.

The wallet will be automatically upgraded in the coming weeks.

The upgraded version will feature a new — which hopefully means better — UX and support for BTP partners Moonbeam and Binance Smart Chain.

This is a major upgrade, which means make sure you have a secure backup of your Hana seed phrase and private keys.