Voting for Round 12 of the CPS has concluded.

Let’s see who got accepted, who got rejected and who returns for another go.


The following projects were not only approved, but also funded:

  • ICON Tracker / Endpoints Infrastructure Development, Migration, and Operations Phase 3: This is the third and final phase of Geometry Labs’s big-time infrastructural upgrade for the ICON blockchain.
  • Unity SDK for ICON: FOMOMental’s project to integrate the Unity game engine into ICON by building an SDK got the green light.
  • Inanis Invictus – Void Unconquered: Two time’s a charm for Foundry Box Media’s NFT-powered incarnation of tabletop gaming. Last round they were approved, but didn’t receive funding. Now they’ve got both.


  • Wechoice: The Wechoice team might have been a Devera Blockathon winner, but it came up short at CPS. I suspect this will not make ICONDAO very happy, judging from previous comments on Twitter.
  • Tiger Trap: The P-Reps apparently rejected this project to build a 3D strategy game based on the classic South Asian game of Tiger Trap.

Approved, But Not Funded (So Back for Another Vote)

  • Fling – DEX Aggregator and Trading Tool: MouseBelt’s project to build a DEX aggregator and trading tool for ICON suffered the same fate in Round 12 as it did in Round 11: it got the votes, but not the funding. So it was registered for Round 13 for free.

You can find longer introductions of each of these projects in our pre-vote writeup on CPS Round 12.