Curious to learn more about SPERA?

ICONLOOP has posted a fuller description of the upcoming blockchain-based interchain NFT game platform.

Participants in SPERA’s ecosystem will be able to move the NFTs they own in different networks to SPERA to use in a variety of blockchain games in multiple ways.

This allows the platform to overcome the limitation of existing NFTs, which can be used only in specific networks or services.

This in turn enables gamers to use their NFTs as play-and-earn tools unfettered by network and service limitations. Gamers will be able to trade the rewards they earn during game play in SPERA’s market, earning income in the process.

SPERA will operate on “stations,” the SPERA blockchain’s nodes. Stations are responsible for “interchain activation” (that is, enabling participants to use NFTs issued by other blockchain networks in SPERA) and governance. Station operators earn rewards in SPRA, SPERA’s utility token.

Speaking of SPRA, you can earn those doing one of the following:

  • Running a station (i.e., a node)
  • Using your NFTs in SPERA
  • Staking your SPRA

You may be able to earn SPRA as a play-and-earn reward in individual games depending on their own policies.

SPRA will have many uses, too, including:

  • Purchasing stations
  • Staking
  • Using SPERA’s NFT marketplace
  • Paying play-and earn rewards, depending on the game. Some games may also require users to pay a small SPRA fee to begin.
  • Applying and using SPERA’s launchpad (this applies to games and game studios that want to participate in the launchpad)

According to ICONLOOP, only “activated NFTs” can be used in SPERA — that is to say, NFTs that have been newly issued by stations for comprehensive use throughout the SPERA ecosystem.

In SPERA, you can use NFTs to do the following:

  • Earn activation rewards. NFT owners can earn rewards from the ecosystem contribution pool for activating their NFTs on the SPERA platform.
  • Use activated NFTs in games
  • Earn income by selling or trading your activated NFTs in the NFT marketplace.

A joint project by ICONLOOP, the ICON Foundation and Korean game services startup 2bytes, SPERA will leverage ICON’s BTP technology to connect NFTs issued on different blockchain networks and platforms, making them interoperable.

SPERA’s developers are really emphasizing the “game” aspect of the platform, promising games that are actually fun rather than just gamified earning schemes.

As we recently reported,

  • SPERA will be a separate blockchain.
  • However, that blockchain will use ICON’s technology, namely BTP.
  • It will thus be easy to use ICX-based NFTs.
  • Dr. ICON says, “They will use BTP and create new NFT interchain that specialized in game. It will help ICON transactions by using CFT, Balanced  and ICE.”