Let the great migration begin.

ICON’s P-reps have approved the ICON Foundation’s proposal to immediately commence the mainnet migration process to ICON 2.0.

Some 17 P-reps voted in favor of the proposal. None voted against it.

The migration to ICON 2.0 will be a three-stage affair.

The first and longest stage involves migrating the ICON 1.0 database to ICON 2.0 format. This should take about 10 days.

In the second stage, P-reps will undertake the necessary preparations to run ICON 2.0. This involves downloading the new node engine Goloop (which we talked about here) and importing the new database created in the first stage. This stage will take between two to four days.

In the third stage, ICON 2.0 will be activated on the mainnet. This should take a day or two.

The ICON Foundation hailed the vote as historic.

The P-Reps’ approval of the network migration plan is an important event for ICON,” one ICON Foundation team member told The Iconist. “It marks the start of the long awaited ICON 2.0 era, which is the most important building block for BTP protocol rollout. What was originally envisioned in the White Paper has never been so close to being realized.”

Rhizome P-Rep member Fez also celebrated the vote. “Interoperability was ICON’s pitch,” he said. “Finally, it’s about to become reality.”
As you wait for the migration to complete, we suggest you bone up on what ICON 2.0 means for the ICON ecosystem with Brian Li’s excellent essay on the matter. Also be sure to check out his excellent photos of (mostly) Tokyo here or at his Instagram.