The migration to ICON 2.0 is well underway.

Some 25 million blocks of the mainnet have been transferred so far, or about 60%.

Assuming no technical issues, the mainnet block transfer should be complete by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

The transfer involves 1) re-executing all transactions that have taken place on ICON since the birth of the network and 2) saving the results in ICON 2.0 format.

Once the mainnet block transfer is complete, Stage 2 of the migration can begin. In Stage 2, P-reps will undertake the necessary preparations to run ICON 2.0, including downloading the new node engine Goloop and importing the new database created in the first stage.

This stage will take between two to four days. 

ICON 2.0 Product Manager “Nym” said the technical manual for the node migration is almost ready and should go out to P-Reps by the end of the week.

He added that barring major technical issues, “it seems like we are on track for ICON 2.0’s mainnet going live by the end of the month.”

So far the migration is smooth,” he said. “This is encouraging.