The ICON Foundation announced last week the first batch of winners of its HX57 bounty program.

Digitaldave.eth took home bnUSD 350 for his first place submission to HX57’s Balanced and Omm bounty, which invited users to “create video guides or vision explanations on how to provide liquidity on Balanced to earn on Omm.

Digitaldave.eth posted a 14-post tutorial thread on Twitter. Not bad for a self-described “DeFi noob.

McLucks took second place — and more to the point, bnUSD 100 — for this video on liquidity pool staking. And Icondroid took third place and bnUSD 50 for this Youtube video.

Incentivizing the community

The ICON Foundation launched the HX57 program last month.

We came up with the idea because with ICON 2.0 mainnet launch approaching, we wanted to incentivize the community to get more involved and generate content surrounding ICON 2.0, including, but not limited to BTP,” said a spokesperson from the ICON Foundation.

HX57 offers rewards to community members for producing “high-quality content about ICON including articles, animated GIFs, memes, graphics, promo videos, explainers, tutorials and more.”

More specifically, content producers earn bounties for content related to prompts listed at the program’s website. Submissions are vetted by the ICON Foundation, Eye on Icon and ICON Pinas (whom we interviewed recently here).

The program offers something for everyone. Grizzled vets can earn for sharing their knowledge, while utter noobs have financial incentive to learn more about ICON.

The program has met with a positive response.

We’ve had an outpour of support from our community, and it is great that we can sponsor high quality community-led content, said the ICON Foundation. It is a way of rewarding consistent, loyal contributors in our community while also encouraging new ICONists to learn more about our project.”


HX57 currently has two pending bounties.

The first is a call for “a thorough explanation on the technical spec upgrades of ICON 2.0 including, but not limited to, Goloop, Java SCORE, and IISS 3.1, and imagine the applications of an interoperable blockchain.”

Think BTP and ICE,” they add. “Extra points for creativity.”

The other bounty explores how BTP compares to other interoperability networks. Contributors are invited to submit “a comparison chart of competitors to BTP, including, but not limited to, IBC (Cosmos), REN, and Wormhole.”

Rewards are bnUSB 350 for first place, bnUSD 100 for second and bnUSD 50 for third.

The deadline is 12 a.m. of Oct. 7, UTC. Winners will be announced on Oct. 14.