The interchain entertainment platform HAVAH has signed a deal with the Korea-based E2E (Experience to Earn) metaverse Aniverse.

Under the deal, users will be able to use Aniverse’s popular Larva PFP NFTs on the HAVAH platform.

More specifically, they will be able to:

1. Use NFTs as an in-game item within the P2G game Crypto Gears on HAVAH

2. Build a deck of cards with Larva NFT in a card game featuring PFP NFT

3. Show off and trade their Larva NFTs on the marketplace

The 10K collection Larva PFP NFT was issued on the Klaytn mainnet and currently traded on the Opensea, where it sold out and was, at least at one point, the No. 1 NFT on the market in terms of trading volume.

The Larva PFP NFT is based on the popular Korean animation series Larva, which you can find on Neflix and YouTube (where it has over 9 million subscribers). You can even see it on the Seoul subway system, for that matter.

Aniverse has the IP for not only Larva, but also seven other animated series through a strategic partnership with 3D animation studio TUBAn.

Its metaverse promises to enable users to enjoy videos, games, shopping, DeFi and DAOs, receiving awards for their experiences in the ecosystem. Like many metaverse projects, this appears to be very much a work-in-progress, but an exciting one with serious IP backing it up.

HAVAH is a soon-to-be interchain NFT entertainment platform, NFT community portal and playground that provides not only games, but also social media, financial applications and other services. Interestingly enough, it’s being built on ICONLOOP’s recently unveiled Parameta blockchain framework.

It will use a BTP-based “interchain NFT transmission protocol” that will enable you to use NFTs anywhere, regardless of the blockchain platform on which it was minted. So yes, this is good for ICON, ICE and Balanced.