ICONLOOP wasn’t joking about moving hard and fast into W3.

On Thursday, the blockchain company unveiled its “Parameta” blockchain framework.

Like the Cosmos SDK and Polkadot’s Substrate, Parameta lets companies easily build mainnets that meet their particular specifications.

The name embodies two concepts: “Parallel Blockchains for Metaverse” and a blockchain framework that lets users easily build blockchains by setting “parameters.”

Parameta is powered by ICONLOOP’s “loopchain” blockchain engine. Developers can build optimized blockchains with:

  • Proven modules
  • Various tools to build mainnets
  • An interoperability solution (i.e., BTP)

Parameta offers a full-package blockchain toolkit to allow developers to build from Layer 0 to Layer 4, or build public or private chains with ease. You can also use ICONLOOP’s own interchain technology and BTP to mutually connect with other blockchain networks.

Parameta also provides all the technology and support you need for your Web3 business, including smart contracts for FTs, NFTs, DEXs and AMMs and additional technology to build BFS, PDS and VAULT services. Its proven consensus algorithm ensures speed and expandability.

It also provides easily customized token economy and commission systems, proxy node management and operation services, and response support when problems arise.

Parameta will get its first workout to build the NFT entertainment platform HAVAH. Scheduled for release in the second half of this year, HAVAH uses Parameta to deploy the latest blockchain technologies, including the blockchain platform itself, interoperability, wallets, governance and token economies, NFTs and DEXs.