Voting for Round 14 of the CPS has begun. So let’s take a look at who is asking for how much to do what.

Tracker Infrastructure and Development

14,000 bnUSD

1 month

Sudoblock has “substantially” completed transitioning the infrastructure for the tracker from AWS to Vultr to lower cloud costs.

Indeed, cloud costs should be USD 4,500 going forward.

This month, however, includes an additional budget for AWS because the contract frontend developer came down with COVID-19, causing delays. So the tracker will require AWS for a few more weeks.

The  14,000 bnUSD includes USD 4,500 for Vultr, USD 4,500 for AWS (should be the last) and USD 5,000 for development costs.

Drogon – a Swiss Army Knife (Hardhat-like) developer tool for ICON

64,000 bnUSD

4 months

A team based in Amsterdam wants to build Dragon, a “robust, lightweight application development framework used for developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the ICON blockchain.”

This apparently makes life much easier for ICON smart contract developers.

FOMOmental, the sponsor of the proposal, wrote:

An overdue critical tool for developing on ICON, this will make developing on ICON much like developing on other chains that are used to hardhat-like tools, which will make developer onboarding a lot easier and simplify many features, as they will be integrated into Drogon.”

ICON .Net SDK (Solving Issues)

8,000 bnUSD

2 months

OK, so you’ll recall that the CPS recently approved the ICON Unity SDK proposal, something that should really help game developers build on ICON.

Unfortunately, the current version of the Unity SDK can’t work properly with the current version of ICON .Net SDK, which hasn’t been updated for a while.

Under this proposal, the Eclectica team would make the ICON .Net SDK compatible with current APIs.

ICON Community Building – Cross-Chain Marketing, NFT Gaming Guilds, and Community Events

12,000 bnUSD

3 months

ICON Pinas has put forth a multi-faceted proposal for community building that includes:

  • ICON Promotional Content
  • NFT Gaming Guilds and ICON Advertising
  • ICON Videos
  • ICON Community Events

P-Reps since February 2020, ICON Pinas have been some of the most enthusiastic promoters and marketers in the ICON community. They’ve hosted events, giveaways, gaming guilds and AMAs, and published original video content to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

The Iconist – 6 Month Continuation Proposal (Jul-Dec 2022)

60,000 bnUSD

6 months

Hey, that’s us.

We’re asking for another six months to continue doing what we do — reporting news from the ICON community.

Agora, ready-to-deploy governance framework for any ICON based community

24,000 bnUSD

3 months

Staky — the team behind Craft Network, ICON’s biggest NFT marketplace — proposes to build Agora, an open-source “one-click-deploy” governance framework inspired by Ethereum’s Snapshot.

This is cool because it would allow protocols and DAOs on ICON to save time, money and grief when building their own governance systems.

Agora will have two open-source repositories: SCORE and WebApp.

Lydia Labs, the sponsoring P-Rep, wrote:

Right now, each individual app/DAO needs to build their own governance framework. This would be much easier to new DAOs to get going.”