Here are some happenings around the ICON Republic, including news from the ICON Foundation, ICONLOOP and ICONFi.

ICON at Consensus 2022

The ICON Foundation announced today that some of its members are attending Coindesk’s Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas this week.

They noted that “talks, discussions and debates will circle around blockchain interoperability.”

Elise from the ICON Foundation provided a bit more information on what’s going on in Austin:

ICON had an onsite meetup in Austin, Texas. As a fully remote-working company, we try to meet up to sync on what everyone’s been working on every 6 months.

Topics covered during the team workshop leading up to Consensus were BTP, ICON SDK, Branding, and special presentations from representatives from ICONLOOP and Havah in which updates on product development etc were shared.

Throughout the week the team has also been catching up with friends at various events.

Because of “on-site obligations at Consensus for both the ICON and Harmony teams,” the ICON Bridge AMA scheduled for this week has been postponed until further notice.

Interestingly enough, sci-fi author Neal Stephenson is speaking at the event. The man who coined the term “metaverse” is working on a metaverse-focused blockchain called Lamina1. Stephenson wrote one of this writer’s favorite novels, “Snow Crash” — if there’s a better written opening chapter in science fiction, I don’t know it.

JH Kim at Digital Asset Compliance Forum

On the Korean side of operations, ICONLOOP CEO JH Kim will be delivering a keynote address at the Digital Asset Compliance Forum in Seoul on June 22.

Kim will be speaking on trends on Web 3.0, blockchain and digital assets, including trends and examples pertaining to DeFi, NFTs and DAOs.

The forum comes amid heightened interest in Web 3.0, and rising demands for legal reforms that reflect that interest and deal with new legal issues pertaining to digital assets.

As we’ve reported before, ICONLOOP — ICON’s main technology partner — has been moving hard into Web 3.0 and digital assets as Korea’s political climate grows increasingly crypto-friendly.

NEAR Staking on ICONFi

ICON DeFi platform ICONFi will launch its NEAR staking service next week.

From their Medium page:

Can’t wait to get started on earning rewards on NEAR? Please wait for a few days and stay tuned. NEAR Auto-staking will begin next week.

There will be a promotional event along with NEAR Staking update as well! We will get back with another fun campaign with rewards.”

NEAR Protocol is a highly scalable, easy-to-use blockchain network with its own interoperability technology. It’s also a BTP partner.

ICONFi is a great place to earn compound interest. If you want to learn how this works, we’ve posted a very helpful explanation for you here.