ICONLOOP, ICON’s chief technology partner, had redone their website with a focus on Web 3 platform construction and Web 3-based service development.

You can take a look at the new website here.

As we’ve reported before, ICONLOOP has been moving into the Web 3/virtual assets direction, especially since the election of a new, relatively crypto-friendly president in Korea.

Anyway, since its founding, ICONLOOP has built a variety of blockchain platforms, from the ICON public chain we all know and love to the enterprise blockchain solutions for the public sector and major corporations.

ICONLOOP is creating the new age of Web 3 by wedding its core blockchain platform technologies like mainnets with its experience operating application technologies and related services such as wallets, DeFi, DID and NFTs.

To do this, ICONLOOP will release packages that make it easy to build mainnets, and modularize its proven blockchain technology and operational experience, providing optimal customization for businesses.

ICONLOOP also wants to go beyond being purely a technology provider to become a partner to mutually cooperate with, engaging in common cooperative efforts, from consulting to building ecosystems with token economies. In the process, they want to make blockchain part of our lives.